The Thing is made from fruit grown in low yielding hand pruned Eden Valley and Barossa Valley Shiraz vineyards dating back to the 1930s. Highly awarded, much sought after and limited hand-crafted quantities.


The Barossa is Australia’s most famous wine region.

Thankfully, it has also been my home since 1980 and I have been fortunate to be amongst an amazing group of people here – winemakers, vignerons and of course friends.

Sorby Adams Wines is our family brand (Anna Louisa Sorby married Augustus Crichton Adams in the early 1800’s in Hertfordshire and has been our family name ever since) and we are proud to show you what we do.

Look closely at our family of wines and you may see some serious family and regional references along with some amusing does to another infamous family with a similar name….


Naked Wines exclusive range – Angel funded.

Seeking out the finest grapes from the best growers in the Barossa, Simon Sorby Adams creates exceptional wines on a constant journey of discovery.

The ancient spherical astrolabe is in honour of Simon’s ancestor John Couch Adams who in the 1800s was credited with discovering Neptune.

A symbol of exploration and discovery in itself.


The One Hundred of Jellicoe in the Barossa is named after 1st Earl Jellicoe who was Admiral of the Fleet of the British Navy.

Home to some of the regions finest vineyards, our Jellicoe collection is in tribute to his sense of adventure and commitment to the region.


Gudilly is the next generation of Sorby Adams. Simon Sorby Adams has three children, Angus, Digby and Sally which the portmanteau Gudilly is derived.

Sourced from the Adelaide region in South Australia, these three wines are all focused on Pinot – Noir, Gris and Blanc. Contemporary and fresh, designed by the kids for their generation.


Sourcing the best produce from the farmer reflects the essence of terroir in each glass. This Farmers Market range reflects the passion and relationship built up with our growers and respects their dedication to premium quality wines grown in the vineyard.


South Australia spans from Coast to Coast, just as the wines under this name. Sourced from growers of premium quality grapes, the Coast to Coast wines are fruit driven and offer enjoyment for every day drinking.


The peak of Mount Olympus where our Adelaide GI grapegrower George’s family originated, is called Mytikas.

It also means “nose” which is quite fitting for these fragrant styles which are full of vibrancy and flavour.

Working together is they key to achieving the best fruit expression from the vineyard. Having a Greek grower of Italian, French and Spanish varieties from Adelaide GI may break with tradition, but we love the challenge and style it delivers and wanted to celebrate that.