Frankfurt International Trophy - 2021


With more than 2,000 wines from 30 countries from around the world, the competition took its place amongst the great wine competitions organised in Europe.

Open to all the world’s wines, the Frankfurt International Wine Trophy offers an international tasting of the highest level at an affordable price.

A country with high purchasing power located in the heart of Europe, Germany imports more wine than any other country in the world. As for the city of Frankfurt, it is Germany’s most important business and financial centre. Located in the heart of Germany’s major wine producing regions, it was a natural choice of venue for an annual competition including the world’s greatest wines.

The quality wines awarded medals by the Frankfurt competition have even greater value because they are the object of a rigorous selection. Both buyers and consumers profit from the high standards of the ISO-9001 certified competition and the ‘consumer opinion’ expressed on each medal-bearing bottle.

Each wine is blind tasted by an international jury made up of experts and experienced amateurs. Juries use a marking scale based on sensory analysis criteria from the OIV (International organisation of vine and wine).

These amateurs are chosen for their aptitude and experience in tasting. Several training sessions in tasting are also organised to help them perfect their knowledge.

To guarantee buyers and consumers a true selection of only the best products, the competition awards medals to no more than a third of the samples presented.



Sorby Adams Wines


GI Barossa - Australia

Sorby Adams the Thing Shiraz Red 2017

Lot number: L20332 Wine n° 8075 

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