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About us

Who Is Sorby Adams?

The Maker’s story

Meet the Maker

Simon Sorby Adams can attest to the theory that great wines are made in the vineyard.

As Chief Winemaker at Yalumba (Hill-Smith Family Estate) for over 20 years, which included opportunities to work International vintages, Simon honed his appreciation for the Barossa and crafted some of the region's most prized wines.

Continuing this with his own Sorby Adams Barossa wines established in 2004, Simon with wife Jill, partner with regional growers for each coming vintage to ensure the fruit is aligned to the wine for harvest. 

A Vintage Clock - All In A Matter Of Time

"My first vintage was over four decades ago and as a young kid out of school, I needed an alarm clock for nightshift.

In a small local country store, a girl named Jill (not that she was all that keen to tell me), sold me one.

Years went by, and we separately each had three kids and continued to live in the community.

Years later we found each other again and were married in November 2022.

And the clock still works. It was all just a matter of time..."

The Next Generation

Simon's kids are Angus, Digby and Sally. The portmanteau of their names is GUDILLY. 

Their wines capture today's emerging and popular grape varieties, and are made with drinkability, and with food and lifestyle choices in mind.

Sourced from single vineyard fruit, the styles are created in the vineyard prior to harvest. 

Fun and fresh, the next generation wants to experience new ways, experiment with new flavours and enjoy in more casual settings.

Our Dogs

"Our dogs came from the same litter but look nothing alike.

Balto was named after a husky that delivered vaccines and medicines in Alaska during a blizzard (the original has a statue in New York).

Balto’s sister is Mischa, named after a Russian beauty, but nothing like a Siberian husky. She crouches like a kelpie and thinks she’s an Aussie working dog. They make time in the winery interesting."

The Vineyards + The Sub Regions

Eden Valley and Barossa Valley sub regions make up the Barossa where uniquely both cool and warm climate sexist in the same region. The influence of structure and finesse from Eden Valley, with the power and richness of Barossa Valley results in wines to delight upon release and cellaring capabilities for the coming decades. 

The Barrels

Finely grained French oak barrels weathered prior to coopering, support the natural fruit and tannins without being overbearing. The investment in quality oak, time for maturing in barrel and bottle, is evident in the commitment to quality under all Sorby Adams wines.

Community + Support in Sponsorship

At Sorby Adams we're proud to support local community. We now sponsor ESTARA (previously PQSA and HomeCare+) in their support of spinal cord injury clients and activities.

At their recent brand launch, Simon and Jill attended and were inspired by the stories of resilience.

Join us as a ‘Mate of Sorby Adams’ – aka. MOTSA! To learn more about our upcoming tasting events, wine dinners and new vintage releases.