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Behind the scenes


The Importance of Weathered Oak

Our approach to the judicious use of oak.

Part of our winemaking method dates back to when I was Senior Winemaker for a large local family-owned winery.

The typical airing time for oak is two to three years, but back then I experimented with spells that lasted up to eight years. I use a weathering phase of 5 years at Sorby Adams Barossa.

Before coopering, air drying wood softens the tannins that are added to the wine and leaches out the harshness. Francois Frere, Taransaud, and the nearby cooper Andrew Stiller are our top picks for coopers.

It takes The Thing 40 months, The Rings typically last 18 to 30 months, 12 to 18 months for the Barossa Core Range.

Vegan wines

Our commitment to vegan wines

Most non-vegan wines aren't vegan because of animal products in the clarification process.

  • Isinglass comes from fish swim bladders

  • Potassium caseinate (milk derived) or egg whites may also be used

  • Gelatin crystals may come from a number of different animals

  • Vegan wines are typically clarified with activated betonite clay

Certificate of Co2 operation

Certificate of CO2-Balance

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